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Military 3 day diet -VS- 3 day Egg Fast

Military 3 day diet -VS- 3 day Egg Fast

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Someone asked me, here at Try It Diet Sisters,

Which 3 day diet should I do, Egg Fast, or Military Diet?

So I thought I’d spend a minute and compare these, and hopefully give a better understanding of which one would do the most good.

The Principles Behind the Military 3 day Diet:

First of all, we need to look at the reasons that the Military Diet is effective. It is a low-calorie diet (between 900-1200 Calories a day).

Simple math says that if we need X Calories to maintain our weight, if we consume less than X, our bodies will subtract those calories from our ‘storage system’ or fat reserves.

The other principle that the Military Diet uses, is the research that has been done on ‘fat burning foods’. Which are foods that help speed up your metabolism, or your energy – burning machine.

So the idea is that it’s not simple subtraction, but it can actually multiply the burn. Wonderful!

This Blogger explains more about the Military Diet:

The Principles Behind the 3 day Egg Diet:

The Egg Diet shares a principle with the Military Diet, in that both are Calorie Deficits. So either one should help you lose weight with that fact alone.

The second Principle is slightly different from the Military.

The Idea behind low carb diets, is that we have 2 systems in our body: One burns carbs as energy, the other burns fats as energy.

For more information about the fat burning Ketosis, check this out

So by lowering our carb intake, the carb burner system switches to the fat burning system. this may not be a particularly pleasant experience, but it is extremely effective.

So one diet ups our metabolism to burn extra fat after the daily calories and carbs.

The other switches the factory to burn only fats by eliminating the source of energy, the carb.

Pros of the Military Diet.

Anyone can do this three day diet.

This plan is laid out clearly so that you have a meal plan already prepared.

you can lose up to 10 lbs, although our average is 4 1/2 lbs. Check out our results here

Pros of the Egg Fast

it is ridiculously cheap.

incredibly simple,

you can lose up to 10 lbs, but the average is 6. Check out the group review here

Cons of Military 3 day Diet.

If you are used to eating bigger meals, you could end up feeling starved.

‘hunger pains’ as in hollow stomach, headache, and fatigue have been reported.

Everyone who tried it said that after the first week, the weight came back on.

Cons of the 3 day Egg Fast.

The egg fast is low carb, so if you are used to eating high carbs, you could get extremely sick

and light headed.

eating 6-8 eggs a day is psychologically rough. you won’t feel hunger, but its possible to feel utter revulsion just thinking about eating another egg.

Even if you are Low-Carb, it is reported that it’s natural to gain about 1/2 the weight back within 2-3 days.

What type of person is best suited for the Military 3 Day Diet?

From my experience, there are 2 types of people who would benefit from a ‘lose weight quick’ diet like the Military diet:

The First type of person: Is the person who is already in the normal range of their BMI index. That wonderful range that is considered a normal, healthy weight. Yay for you if this is you!

The thing about being this close to your ideal weight, is that losing a couple of pounds could be a dress size difference.

When we are on the bigger side, a couple of pounds can’t even be noticed. So for the person who is down to those last few pounds, who need a bit of a boost to make it, this diet could very well work for you.

It’s perfect for that ‘night on the town’ dress that you can almost squeeze into. . . But of course, going back to a calorie-rich diet will bring the pounds back on.

The Second type of person this Diet could help, is the “I need a confidence boost to get started” type of Dieter.

It is hard to start on a long-term diet and not see your scale move hardly at all, especially at the beginning.

I know! I’ve been there!

It’s hard to be depriving ourselves of the old ways of eating, or pushing ourselves with workouts and not seeing anything happen!

I love quick boosts like this, where it may not be sustainable long term, but it can really help our motivation to see some results right away.

What person is best suited for the 3 day Egg Fast?

To be Honest, although the 2 types of people from the Military Diet could also get the same desired results by doing the egg fast, it wasn’t really created for them.

The Egg Fast was created for the person whose body is already well acquainted with the low-carb or the Ketogenesis way of eating.

It is for the low-carber who has hit a wall and needs a ‘mid-diet boost’ to push through the stall. They have found that by going incredibly simple (eggs + healthy fats) that your body can again refocus and get back into fat-burning mode.

I personally find it helpful to jumping me back into Ketosis when I splurge a little bit.

What does a 3 day egg diet plan menu look like?

  • Basic rules: 6-8 eggs with up to 1 Tablespoon of fat, and (optional) 1 oz. of cheese per egg eaten. With unlimited seasonings.
  • Scrambled eggs in butter with salt and pepper.
  • Fried eggs in butter with softened cream cheese on top.
  • Deviled eggs with olive oil mayo as the fat, with a bit of mustard and seasonings.
  • Egg salad with olive oil mayo, mustard and seasonings, with slices of cheddar cheese to dip it in.
  • Microwave cheesecake (mostly egg fast approved)
  • You could always just do a boiled egg diet plan where you just eat the boiled eggs plain with a side of cheese.

There is not a whole lot of ways to eat just eggs, but this egg fast diet menu example can help you with ideas.

Well, I hope this helps deciding on what kind of 3-day jumpstart your are looking for.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or send us an email and we will be happy to respond.

Check out our Egg fast post

And also our Military Diet Post for more information.

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At least once a month we try different diets, healthy foods, or fitness routine, to see what works for our bodies and what doesn’t.


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