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Group Egg Fast Review: Is the 3 day keto egg fast worth it?

Group Egg Fast Review: Is the 3 day keto egg fast worth it?

We had a small group decide to do the keto egg fast. Even though it was just four people, they all had similar experiences.

What is the Keto Egg Fast?

Simply put, it is a 3-day diet where you eat only eggs.


  • You have to eat a minimum of 6 eggs a day.
  • For every egg, you must eat 1 Tablespoon of fat (butter, oil, mayo)
  • For every egg, you may eat up to 1 OZ. of Cheese (cheddar, cream cheese etc)
  • You may have seasonings.
  • You cannot eat anything else.

That’s it. Those are all the rules.

But listing the rules is far easier than actually following through with 3 days of nothing but eggs.

A close up of a carton with eggs piled on it and a measuring tape wrapped around the eggs signifying you can lose weight quickly with eggs with title reading keto egg fast group results

Let’s Check out what our four dieters said about their egg fast attempt:

Group Egg Fast Review #1 Ryan:

“I had done the Keto diet a year previously and did it consistently for almost six months and lost almost 30 pounds, going from 180 to 150-155.

In addition, the best part of the Keto is that, before Keto I was always hungry and had cravings but that didn’t happen in Keto. I wasn’t missing the breads and even the sweet craving was gone. 

The hard part, for me, was that I was playing Ultimate Frisbee and it required constant running.

I could keep up a consistent pace but as soon as I needed a burst of speed, that speed was very temporary.

I had to drink and carb-load before the games and it didn’t work as well as it should so I stopped the Keto diet. Doing so improved my game.

It took about 8 months for me to start gaining weight because of work stress.

I decided I would start Keto again, but remembering the start of Keto last time reminded me of how much I hated that beginning part. It was miserable, and I had the Keto flue for almost a month and it was exhausting. I didn’t want to go through that again.

My sister told me about the egg fast and how it could kick start you into ketosis. I gave it a go.” 

First day – ugh! I wasn’t a huge fan of eggs to begin with even though I could eat them with the ketogenic diet, but eating that many for the egg fast was terrible. But The first day wasn’t so bad, because it got worse.

The second day, it was nauseating, and by the end of that day it was gross. 

The third day it was like “kill me now!” I had to close my eyes, I had to put lots of seasonings into the egg, I had to pretend it wasn’t eggs to get me through that third day. In addition, I had a constant headache all day plus the nausea. 

After three days, according to the breathalyzer, I was in ketosis. It was successful. But I couldn’t eat eggs in almost any form for nine months afterwards! 

I followed the keto diet for a week, then I found out that my wife was pregnant and the smell of my Keto meals was making her sick, so she asked me to discontinue Keto until a later date because she couldn’t eat anything after smelling what I was cooking. 

My recommendation is that it works but it sucks!

When asked about it, I advise everyone to measure for ketosis, then as soon as you are in ketosis, stop the egg fast and go onto the keto diet rather than keeping with the eggs. If you are not in ketosis within the three days – unless you have the stomach of Terry Crews then for the love of all that is holy – just Stop the Eggs! 

Group Egg Fast Review # 2. Cherie:

I hate eggs.

In order for me to eat eggs, I have to disguise the taste: deviled eggs, cheese omelets with lots of seasoning and topped with  ketchup or sour cream – and that’s about it.

When we went to Hawaii, I had eggs Benedict every day with Kahlua pork. It was Fantastic! But, every morning, I gave the egg part to my husband.

I hate eggs. BUT – my blood sugar levels love eggs. (I struggle with Diabetes). So, when I need to get control of that important factor, I tolerate eggs.

I did the egg fast for 3.5 days and ate only 2 meals each day. My recipe was identical for each meal: hard boiled eggs that were smashed up all together with added mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder. That’s it. At least it didn’t taste like eggs. 

The first meal on the first day was okay and it dropped my blood sugar (which had been hanging out around 150 unless I had Keto Chow and ProArgi-9+) to a beautiful 103 and there it stayed all day. The second meal was fine until about 60 minutes later and then my stomach hurt. Not nausea, just hurt.

The second day and within 30 minutes of the eggs, my stomach hurt again. A lot. But my blood sugar was at 102 and there it stayed. The second meal was okay, no stomach pain.

The third day was okay all around. Nothing remarkable.

fourth day had me eating only one egg meal and then I broke for a Keto Chow dinner.

Because of heart issues, I took ProArgi-9+, two scoops, twice each day. I also had one VitaminWater Zero each day.

I lost a total of three pounds.

One-and-a-half days after stopping the egg fast, while still eating 100% Keto, I gained half a pound. My blood sugar in the morning before eating was 153 – I am confident that the ProArgi-9+ and the Keto Chow will drop it as it has every other time. I will also have (gasp!) eggs for breakfast because of the blood sugar.

Was the Egg Fast worth it? For weight loss and getting into Ketosis – NO. For my health – YES. 

Group Egg Fast Review #3. Kamree:

This was probably one of the worst ideas I’ve ever had!

Haha! I was getting ready to start the keto diet over again, and I had read/heard that doing an egg fast first would get you into ketosis faster. It sounded pretty simple, and it was only 3 days. How hard could it be?

Well. I should have known better, seeing as how I loathe eggs.

For breakfast, plain scrambled eggs that I couldn’t even finish, because they made me sick. The deviled eggs at lunch were better. Adding mayo and mustard and seasoning helps the flavor. But by mid afternoon, I was so so sick. My body was absolutely rejecting the eggs. I wanted to try and make it at least one day, but I couldn’t. It.was.awful.

Maybe it would have been different if I was already fat adapted. But cold turkey? Nope.

I ate a wonderful meal for dinner and felt sooooo much better. 🙂

I did lose 3 pounds though, so that was okay. But maybe it was just the disgust falling off me in waves. 🙂

So, my suggestion? Don’t try an egg fast unless

1. You actually like eggs and,

2. You are already fat adapted.

Group Egg Fast Review #4. Ki-Ki:

The egg fast was extremely hard at first. Just like everyone else, I began to despise eggs. But I was able to not only push though it, I learned how to accept eggs without gagging. So i ended up doing two rounds of the egg fast in a row.

Check out my full-length review Here:

So is the egg fast worth it to you?

The egg fast was originally created to help those who are ALREADY IN KETOSIS break a keto stall. This is someone who already is used to the fat-burning lifestyle, and who probably has a hold on Intermittent Fasting as well.

I mention Intermittent Fasting because I find it is key to successfully getting through an egg fast.

The further along in your keto journey you are, the less that food, or how often you eat the food, has an effect on you. Because your supply of fat energy is pretty close to limitless, your body doesn’t need to send hungry signals very often.

The reason this is important to the egg fast, is that eating only eggs throughout the day made every person in this group sick!

I was able to get past it by just eating 3 eggs in the morning, ‘fasting’ till dinner, where I had another 3 eggs. it was enough fat and calories for the day, and I wasn’t getting overwhelmed with constantly eating the eggs.

If your body is not used to Intermittent Fasting, You might want to hold off on trying the egg fast quite yet.

Also, Don’t try the egg fast if you are not having a weight loss stall.

Honestly, why put yourself through eating only eggs when you could be losing weight eating keto cheesecake! I’m not joking. The thing I love the most about the keto diet is that the food can and should be delicious and satisfying. Not like diet food at all!

So don’t just jump into an egg fast if you can help it. Enjoy this journey of losing weight. And if the time comes that you need a little 3-day boost, then the egg fast (or the Beef and Butter Fast) might be the right thing for you.

We also tried another 3 day diet called the Military diet – See how it compares to the egg diet here!

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