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Intermittent Fasting (OMAD) for 6 years saved my Hormones

Intermittent Fasting (OMAD) for 6 years saved my Hormones

How I unknowingly did One Meal A Day fasting for 6 years, and the long-term results.

Back when I started Intermittent Fasting, it wasn’t the phrase that was used. I called it ‘My Hour’ because that was  the time-frame in which I ate carbs each day.

Growing up, my family has always eaten semi-healthy.

Of course, the definition of ‘healthy’ has changed drastically from when I was little. Healthy in my family was not doing a lot of fried or sugary foods, and we only drank water.

This way of eating isn’t bad, but nowadays people would probably be appalled at the amount of pasta and casseroles we ate.

My mom is allergic to iodine. So iodine-rich foods were not allowed in the house. (Seafood, mushrooms etc.) I say this for you to know that it’s not that big of a surprise that my mom’s thyroid failed her at age 32. (Iodine being a key regulator of thyroid).

When that happened, my mom went from a slim 118 lbs, to well past 300 lbs in a relatively short amount of time. It took a while for the doctor to find a medicine that would help her.

I was two when this happened, and so I’ve always known my mom as a big lady, and it’s never bothered me. My mom is just my mom.

My mom never stopped trying to find ways to lose weight. (She’s down to the lower 200’s now! – Check it out)

Her weight gain was hormonal, not over-eating or other unhealthy practices. So you can imagine that her trying to ‘diet’ her way thin, was far more difficult than normal.

I had 2 older sisters, (and 3 younger sisters).

And I was a thin little child, but as I got to the age of around 11, I finally ‘grew up’ enough to start sharing my sister’s clothes (I was 5’7 by the time I was 12).

I was pretty proud of the ‘grown up’ body that I had for the next few years. So it didn’t even occur to me that I was big. . .Or that I and my sisters became big just by going through puberty.

Apparently we too inherited some of our mother’s hormone struggles.

I realized I needed to take control of my diet, When I was 14 and weighed 186 pounds.

At this time, my mom was looking into this fad diet called ‘the carbohydrate addicts diet”. Long and short of this diet, was that maybe your body is eating too many carbs (obviously miles ahead of its time).

And that containing the amount of carbs you eat down to one hour a day, could help you lose weight.

My mom was trying this diet out when I came up to her one day and said:

“mom, I’m really hungry, but I’ve eaten everything that I can find, and I’m still hungry!”

She nodded thoughtfully, then said,

“I read about this, maybe you are addicted to carbs as well. Would you want to try limiting your carbs to an hour? (it’s now called OMAD, or One Meal A Day)

I thought I’d give it a try.

chocolate silk pudding pie. with words over it. OMAD one meal a day. for six years here is what happened to my health

Starting Eating One Meal A Day (OMAD)

The next day I had eggs in the morning for breakfast. Then at around 2:00, I gathered about 5 plates of random stuff all around me at the table. Started the 60 minute timer, and started eating.

I ate and ate and ate for the entire hour! Then I stopped. . . and didn’t eat till the next day. I was so full that it was easy to skip dinner.

But I was really hungry by the next morning and I was tempted to eat carbs right away! But I persevered, and after 3 or 4 days, it was easy for me to eat just one hour a day.

I sometimes had meat, veggies, or nuts outside of the hour, but actually, as long as my meal was between 1 and 4 in the afternoon, I didn’t feel hungry. aka Intermittent fasting!

Because of intermittent fasting, I lost so much weight so quickly it was ridiculous. I started in March, and by July I had to go buy new pants. I went from a 16 to an 8. Single digits. . .WHAT?!

Note: If you are looking for a weight loss program that incorporates Intermittent Fasting, Check out Faster Way to Fat Loss. We just signed up for the 6 week program and are excited to see the results!

I was now at an easy 130 lbs.

We then moved right before High School, and I had a brand new life with a brand new body.

There was a bit of a struggle going through high school and being with friends, but almost never eating around them.

it’s a weird, almost ostracized feeling of sitting at lunch but not eating lunch. or refusing food that friends offered all the time. Social eating is a very real thing.

There would be ‘cheat days’ when there were some awesome stuff that I didn’t want to miss out on, but I always felt sick to the stomach the next day.

I think there might have been some who wondered if I had an eating disorder, but how could I explain that I felt healthier giving my body a solid break between meals? Now I understand about AUTOPHAGY. Which is the science behind Intermittent Fasting.

And believe you me, I was eating PLENTY of food within that 1 hour time.

On my first date with my Hubby, we got Mongolian BBQ, and I ordered the largest bowl they had, and he was just picking at the top of his, commenting about how it was too hot. . . then looked up and my bowl was empty! He was thoroughly impressed. True Story.

Well, fast forward a couple of years and I gave up wheat (that’s another story), got married, became pregnant, and could not keep fasting, no chance!

So my 6 year intermittent fasting streak came to an end. But because I had spent a lot of years trying to listen to my body, I quickly noticed that I would feel sicker with higher, more sugary, carbs. So I tried to change my lifestyle into eating often, but making smart choices. And that’s been my life ever since. (I’m now a big fan of Keto! Check out how I lost my baby weight)

Fast-forward a few more years to when I was 28,

All my other sisters were grown. And we found a disheartening correlation with all of the women in my family

– All of them had dying thyroids and major adrenal fatigue. It affected their sleep, their patience, their love life, their weight, their cycle. . . everything!

All the women, one by one, went to the doctor to get tested for these things and to get prescriptions to help them.

So I got a call from my Mom who told me that this was genetic. And so of course I’d have it too and I should get tested.

So I went to the same Doctor as my family.

After a few tests, the Doctor said I was fine.

besides my temperature being slightly cooler than normal, I had none of the other signs of anything wrong.

I was confused, wasn’t this genetic?

He said yes, but that there are other factors that contribute to health issues like this.

And it was assumed that since everyone in my family had the same genetics and had the same family atmosphere (ate the same food, had the same family fitness level etc) that the results would be the same.

He then asked me if I had done things differently than the rest of my family while I was growing up. And I was like “Yes. I had a completely different diet and style of eating during my teenage years”. (intermittent fasting).

He nodded and said “Yep, that would do it.”

Learning to be in control of my food, and not letting it control me, has saved me a lot of sickness over the years

As I get older, it is becoming harder to keep the weight and other hormonal fluctuations at bay. But I have a lot of tools with my experiences that help me battle these genetics.

I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to be able to share such an important health decision that I made in my life while finally having the science to back it up.

There are plenty of ways to do intermittent fasting, other bloggers have said it much better than me, and I’ve organized them onto my Pinterest board if you are interested.

Pinterest link to intermittent fasting

We did an Intermittent Challenge, And these were our results: 16/8 Intermittent Fasting review

Also visit my ‘About Me Page’ to see the other diets I have tried:

Intermittent fasting results

Feel free to leave me any questions or comments, and I will do my best to answer them!


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