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2 week Squat Challenge- easy and it works!

2 week Squat Challenge- easy and it works!

The 2 Week -Easy As Can Be- Squat Challenge!!!!!

I am constantly on the lookout for workouts that will give me results in a short amount of time. I love the new HIIT that has come out, and how it teaches us that we don’t have to spend a huge amount of time to get results.

I started looking into squat challenges to help shape-up my legs, and I couldn’t find any that I really liked.

I had already learned that a 30 day committment was too long for my short attention span apparently, and there weren’t really any that were for 2 weeks.

I found some squat challenges that gave simple and easy to do movements. And I was like “yeah! I love this” . . . then it would say ‘repeat 6 times’ . . . and I was like, “Pass”

So the trick is, if you can’t find what you want, you make it!

I set this Squat challenge up, and of course, here at tryitdietsisters, we try everything we put out. So I followed this Squat Challenge, and at the end I went swimming with a couple of my sisters and they were like “Dang girl! Your legs are soo nice!” – true story.


A couple of tips first.

  1. Stretch!
  2. If the next day your legs are crazy sore. . .repeat tip #1. But also, it’s ok to take a break between days. I didn’t need any breaks the first week, but the second week I took a few rests when I needed it.
  3. Know how to squat safely. I am not a certified trainer or any other health professional, so please learn from someone who knows what to do.
  4. About The ‘fast 50’ in the mornings – I actually do them right after I brush my teeth in the morning. I even hold on to the edge of the bathroom sink and let my arms balance my body back into a good squat position. Then I do 50 mini pump squats, never fully standing, And I’m finished with the 50within 1 minute. It is actually a great way to get your blood pumping first thing in the morning.
  5. About the Evening 50 second yoga. This is another one I just do in my bathroom during bedtime routine. It’s a great way to also calm your mind for a moment before falling into bed.
  6. For the main set of squats, it’s ok to give yourself breaks in the middle if need be. remember, HIIT is a proven method of fat-loss, proving that you don’t need to do it all completely at once to get the benefits.
  7. All in all, it should take less than 5 minutes a day. Feel free to post before and after pics in our comments!
Day 1

Morning: Fast 50!

Do the fast 50 right when you wake up. These are power pump squats, you don’t have to fully stand, or fully squat. The key to this is speed! Keep your legs a shoulder width apart, never let your knees go over your ankles. And have at it! I’ve done them right after I jump out of bed, or while in the bathroom after I brushed my teeth, I do the fast 50 holding onto the rim of the counter to keep my balance.

Midday: 50 Squats. Regular (feet slightly wider than hips width. squat, making sure legs don’t go over feet)

Bedtime: Yoga Chair 50 Seconds. (feet together, sit back as if in a chair, with hands raised above head, palms facing each other)

Day 2

Morning: Fast 50

Midday: 50 plie squats (wide squat stance, knees and feet facing out and opposite of each other)

Evening: Yoga chair 50 seconds

Day 3

Morning: Fast 50

Midday: 50 Skier squats (feet together, as if ‘skiing’)

Evening: Yoga Chair 50 seconds

Day 4

Morning: Fast 50

Midday: 50 Tip Top Squats (plie squats but going on your tip toes as you stand)

Evening: Yoga Chair 50

Day 5

Morning: Fast 50

Midday: 50 squat side kicks – 25 on each side. (regular squats, but when coming back to a stand kick a leg up to the side. repeat every other side)

Evening: Yoga Chair 50 seconds.

Day 6

Morning: fast 50

Midday: 50 Squat back kicks(Regular squat, when coming back to a stand, kick one leg back. alternate kicks. feel the butt clench each time)

Evening: Yoga Chair 50 seconds

Day 7

Morning: Fast 50

Midday: 50 Frog squats. (this is hard to explain. but here is a quick video )

Evening; 50 second Yoga Chair

Second Week we bump up the intensity!

Day 8

Morning: Fast 50

Midday: 100 regular

Evening: 50×50 Yoga Chair –

50 seconds prayer on left side, 50 seconds prayer on right side

Day 9

Morning: Fast 50

Midday: 100 Plie Squats

Evening: 50×50 Yoga Chair

Day 10

Morning: 50 fast

Midday: 100 Skier squats

Evening: 50×50 Yoga Chair

Day 11

Morning: Fast 50

Midday: 100 Tip top Squats

Evening: 50X50 Yoga Chair

Day 12

Morning: Fast 50

Midday: 100 squat side kicks

Evening: 50X50 Yoga Chair

Day 13
Morning: fast 50

Midday: 100 Squat back kicks

Evening: 50X50 Yoga Chair

Day 14

Morning: fast 50

Midday: 100 Frog Squats

Evening: 50X50 Yoga Chair


Congratulations! You have  done 1750 squats plus 18 minutes of chair pose!

Check your thighs and admire your handiwork.

Squat Challenge


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