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How can Cayenne Pepper pills change your life for good?

How can Cayenne Pepper pills change your life for good?

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Cayenne Pepper has been said to have all these magical properties, but no one was willing to eat it every day. . . until now.

I was looking for something to bring up my body temperature when I found Cayenne Pepper.

I have naturally low body temperature. its supposed to be hanging out at 98.6 degrees.

Mine is consistently at 97.7

did you know in order to burn calories, your body literally burns it? but if your body is working at lower temperatures, (which makes your entire body work at a lower metabolism) your body is going to take longer to heat up those calories.

So you may be burning less than what normal people do for the same exercises.

Frustrating, right?!

Low body temperature is a sign of a much deeper problem, most likely having to do with thyroid or adrenals. so if you have low body temperature, you should talk to your doctor about it.

Just because I can now heighten my temperature, doesn’t mean that the underlying problem disappears. But it has helped me on my weight-loss journey.

After all, imagine doing an H.I.I.T workout, or an at-home workout, and actually getting more from your body just by taking cayenne pepper!

I started taking Cayenne Pepper pills about 3 weeks ago. And life couldn’t be better!

UPDATE! I’m constantly updating this post, because this is my favorite thing that I have ever discovered for my body! I’ve been taking Cayenne Pepper for over a year now. And I can say that everything I found out, is still true!

3 things that I noticed since taking Cayenne Pepper.

1, Aids in Weight-loss.

This was my primary purpose for taking it. within 20 minutes of taking the pill, my body temperature would rise from 97.7 to 98.3!

Amazing! and I could feel it.

No matter what kind of Diet I try, I have to fight really hard for every pound.

Immediately after taking Cayenne Pepper, the scale started to go down again.

I was currently doing a low carb and dairy-free diet, which I knew could help me lose weight, but it happened so much faster with the pills. (10 day Yeast Cleanse Potato Chip diet)

It also satisfied my hunger and I found myself not looking in on my kitchen quite as often during the day.

Update: I’m still taking the pills 6 weeks later, and I’ve lost 12 pounds. When I have cayenne pepper and have a low carb day, I lose 1/2 pound. No exception, no ‘stalls. I have 9 pounds left till i am at my wedding weight! I can be there in less than a month as long as I don’t cheat. yay!!!! usually, even on low carb, I lose a little, then stall for a really long time. I am so excited about this!

2, My nose stopped being cold.

This is a big deal to me, and to many others who deal with low body temperatures. Noses and toes, are the appendages that get cold really easily, and then all I want to do is snuggle in a blanket and watch the world pass by.

I felt the warmth of the Cayenne fill my chest and my whole body, and I wanted to move and do more because of it!

Is this what people with normal body temperatures feel like? I love it!

3, No sickness!

I went with my kiddos to help watch my nieces and nephews while their parents went away for a much needed R&R.

that night one of them got sick. Then another one, then my own got sick: coughing, runny nose, fever, vomiting.

Not fun.

Even my little one became sick, and I held him close as his body worked through it.

But guess who didn’t even sniffle?! That’s right. Me!

I made my 2 older kids start taking the Cayenne pills, and one got over their cough in 24 hours. and the other in 48. whereas my poor little boy who was too young to take it, has held on to the cough for 2 weeks.

I’ve known the benefits of Cayenne Pepper all my life. My parents would tell me to gargle with cayenne pepper whenever I had a sore throat.

“Umm. no thanks, i’d rather be sick.”

But the pills have changed everything. it is absolutely painless going down, and it is a much higher dose than I would have been able to take on my own.

WARNING: I have begged other members of my family to take cayenne pepper, but most weren’t able to handle the intense ‘warming’ of the chest.

Apparently, it feels a lot like heartburn.

My suggestion is to eat food first, take the pill, eat food after it, and don’t plan on lying down for a couple of hours afterwards.

My doctor told me that Cayenne Pepper can actually strengthen your stomach lining, so it shouldn’t actually be doing damage (hopefully).

But I also found that the more I took it, the less I noticed the ‘warming’ sensation. So my stomach is probably incredibly strong by now.

UPDATE: 6 weeks in, 2 more sicknesses came through my home. Zero Sickness for me. PS. After a year, I’ve only been sick twice. And I think they might have been food poisoning. However, I’ve had dozens of bugs come through my house. Plenty of coughs, fevers, throwing up, sniffling noses. And it never affects me. I’ve slowed down and only take it two times a week now, and it still seems to be effective.

I take one in the morning with my breakfast, and about half the time I take another at night with my Dinner. (update: I slowed down and only take one a day now. it still seems to be working the same)

Give it a try!

You’ll thank me later.

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