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Life Time Fitness Gym Review – Check it out!

Life Time Fitness Gym Review – Check it out!

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Reviews: lifetime fitness – I went to Life Time Fitness with a guest pass. I’m not gonna lie, it kinda blew my mind.

I’m not that big on exercising. I like at home programs, at home videos, at home equipment. . . Why? because I was pretty sure that if I had to get in my car to drive somewhere just to work out, that I would just be wasting my money.

I have had a few experiences with gyms though. I lived in an apartment building once with a gym that I would go to (and I loved). And then there are all of the hotel gyms that I could have used. . . 

Ok, so back to Life Time Fitness.

First of all, I was informed that it is NOT A GYM. it is a fitness CENTER. An all-encompassing health experience for the entire family.

I cannot, of course, vouch for each Lifetime Fitness Center, since I’ve only been to one, and they probably vary by location. But I loved what I found there.

We started by dropping my kids off at the Kids Center.

Which had a wonderful, Toddler-Friendly atmosphere.

There was even one employee who was going up and down the play area with a stroller a mom brought in for her sleeping baby, just to keep baby asleep. Super sweet!

My adventurous toddler loved it. He didn’t even look back to say goodbye when he ran to the play area. The staff were very professional, and they take very careful steps to make sure your child is safe.

The Life Time Fitness Center also has Kid Programs.

There was a ‘Sport Introduction’ class that was going on for kids 3-11 at the time. So my middle child went there after we went wall- climbing.

The wall climbing area is available at certain times for anyone ages 5+ (children must be with parent).

I have two older children who tried this for the first time and they loved it! The staff member in charge gave a great introduction and some good advice on how best to climb the walls. They also had rock climbing shoes available to use for free.

kids rocks climbing at Life Time Fitness Center

My favorite outside sport is repelling, so as accomplished as I felt getting to the top, my favorite part was going down. And it was fun to teach my kids how to enjoy that part as well. But it does get tiring really fast, so we didn’t stay too long.

Next, with just the older kids (12+), we went to the upper level where all the Fitness happens!

I peeked into a Hot Yoga Class, but the teens weren’t interested, so we decided to skip the classes this time around.

But they constantly have fun classes. There is even a Dance Spin Class that a friend just raves about.

The teens wanted to check out the equipment.

And actually that was the highlight of the day. All equipment at Life Time Fitness was ‘State of the Art’. In case you are wondering what that means, it means that most of the machines came with their own Screen (or you could watch the tvs that were on the wall). You could pick from songs, movies, games, or shows. . . That is, if you had headphones/earbuds.

I guess you can tell about how un-fitness savvy I really am, when it never occurred to me to bring some sort of head-set. So I just had to watch ‘Rise of the Guardians’ mute.

I spent about 10 minutes on each set of equipments: Ellipticals, Recumbants, Bikes, rowers, and this bazaar but awesome Squat machine that gets it’s own personal review.

The fitness center also had plenty of treadmills, and steps, but those are pretty standard and I wasn’t going to waste anytime checking to see if I liked those, I already spend enough time walking and going up stairs.

Taking a look inside life Time Fitness Center

Personal Training

There was a Personal Trainer doing a class out on the floor, that I was able to watch. They know their stuff and were definitely whipping those clients into shape. I believe that those classes are at extra cost.

The weights area was great, the stretching place area was useful.

And there was a bizarre, but awesome squat machine that gets it’s own review here

The saddest part to me was that I ran out of time and couldn’t check out their swimming pool, hot tub or sauna. All of which would have been a perfect way to end our day.

I have been dragging my feet about investing in a ‘gym-like facility’. But now that I checked this out, I could see myself practically living here. What a great experience.

Sadly I don’t have a lifetime fitness near me, but I will be checking out comparable companies that are close by.

Life Time Fitness Membership

Now for the biggest question. How much would this place cost, and is it worth it?

The price is a little steep for where I am in my life right now. But I could see how if used consistently, you could get your money’s worth from it, despite the price.

If you have young children, for instance, and you were spending money on a babysitter while you went to the gym, the child care they have available would easily offset the price you would have been paying. Or if you consistently pay for a local pool pass, this place would easily make it worth your time!

membership fees: Each fitness center is priced differently, the one I checked out, started at $170 a month, with adding $40 extra per young child. But it can go up to as high as $220 a month for all of the perks per person.

Every Lifetime Fitness place would be happy to give you a tour for free so you too, can see if it’s a good match for you. Is life time fitness legit? Yes absolutely. I would recommend this place to everyone who can afford it!

life time fitness locations:

Find a Life time Fitness nearby by going here

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woman climbing on a rock wall. with text reading life time fitness gym. why you should be a member now. my unbiased review

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