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Tabata H.I.I.T For Weight Loss: 2 Week Challenge

Tabata H.I.I.T For Weight Loss: 2 Week Challenge

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High intensity training interval (H.I.I.T) workouts are proven to burn fat and calories while improving your endurance and strength in just minutes a day- without sacrificing time or energy at work or home!

This article will walk you through everything from how H.I.I.T works to why it’s so effective for weight loss, and how to use our 2 Week Challenge (with new videos every single day!) 

All of us know that we should workout. We know that it helps our heart, helps our endorphins, helps our focus, helps our muscles, our endurance, and helps rev up our metabolism.

But it is so hard to find the time every day!

Enter the miracle of the 4 minute H.I.I.T. workout.

It is scientifically designed to give your body the best bang for its buck (or for its time).

You literally only need 4 minutes, and then you are done! For the whole entire day!

I first heard about this idea when a crazy expensive workout machine was advertized in Forbes magazine.

To be clear, I do not subscribe to Forbes. . . or any magazine. It was just a fluke that I read this one. It was published in 2008, so a really really long time ago. But I soon began to fantasize about having a machine that I could hop on for 4 minutes a day and be done with it.

The price was a freaking 15 grand though. So there was no way I could actually get it. But it didn’t stop me from wishing and dreaming about it.

then at one point I said to myself, “I bet I could recreate this using just weights.” so I literally sat on a stool and did rowing motions with weights. . . It probably didn’t work.

Luckily a few years later. Someone else came up with H.I.I.T, and then we didn’t need $15,000 for the machine.

So here we go.

Over in the great land of youtube, you can find pretty much anything.

As much as I liked the idea of H.I.I.T for weight loss, I get bored so easily! So I found enough different YouTube videos to workout to a different fitness routine for 14 days.

After that, I usually find that I start craving more exercise and am willing to move on to another workout program.

(P.S. If you are looking for longer workouts, check out my post about my favorite 30 minute full-body workouts videos)

How To Use This Blog Post Effectively:

I assume that you will be coming back to this post every day. So to make things easier for you, I put the links to each day as near to the top as possible.

If this is your first time, and are wondering about H.I.I.T, Tabata, or other frequently asked questions, keep scrolling past the video links, and you’ll see I’ve tried to answer as many questions as possible.

But first, Make sure you print out the Tabata 2 week fitness checklist that will keep you on track!

The Two Week Free YouTube Videos for H.I.I.T (Only 4 minutes a day!)

  1. Monday Exercise Video

2. Tuesday Exercise Video

3. Wednesday Exercise Video

4. Thursday Exercise Video

5. Friday Exercise Video

6. Saturday Exercise Video

7. Sunday Exercise Video (soft stretch)

2nd week

  1. Monday Exercise Video

2. Tuesday Exercise Video

3. Wednesday Exercise Video

4. Thursday Exercise Video

5. Friday Exercise Video

6. Saturday Exercise Video

7. Sunday Exercise Video

How to use HIIT workout at home.

So how are you going to use these videos at home for the most effective, calorie burning, fitness program that only lasts 4 minutes?

This is how I use it.

  • First thing after waking up, I push play on the video for that day and do the workout. I drink a glass of water afterwards, because hydration is important!
  • Make sure you save this blog post so you can find it quickly in the morning! Either keep the tab open on your computer or phone, or hit bookmark on the top right of the website (the star on desktop). If you have an organized Pinterest Board, you can save it there.
  • Print this 2 week Tabata HIIT workout sheet and put it (with a pen) somewhere you WILL pass every day. Check off the days you worked out. DO NOT SKIP THIS! keeping a checklist by my bedside, has made all of the difference between failure and success for me.
  • Take before and after pictures. I promise you need this. . . And also weigh yourself every day.
  • Decide on a diet and stick with it for the two weeks. I think the saying is “you can’t out-run a bad diet”. Meaning that exercise is not enough. Change something about your eating habits, even if it’s giving up sugar, or choosing to not eat out. (the lower the carbs, the better it works for my body. So I always choose keto).
  • Then every day, just go through the videos! And that’s it!
  • Make sure you come back and share how tabata has changed your muscles!

Girl working out using the H.I.I.T routine at home on her tv

Frequently Asked Questions About Tabata and H.I.I.T For Weight Loss:

Are HIIT workouts good for weight loss?

The short answer is yes, HIIT workouts are good for weight loss because they raise your heart rate and cause you to burn more calories. There’s even evidence that high intensity interval training increases the amount of time people can exercise before becoming fatigued.

it can raise your metabolism by up to 15%

Does HIIT work for everyone?

The short answer is no, high intensity interval training doesn’t work well for everyone. If you’re unable to exercise at a high level of intensity or if you have chronic health conditions that prohibit vigorous physical activity, then high-intensity workouts may not be right for you. Remember to consult your Doctor before starting any new exercise regimen.

What is the Difference between Tabata and H.I.I.T?

Tabata is a workout style of high intensity interval training that was created in Japan. It is different than HIIT because the intervals are shorter and they have a set number of repetitions, usually eight to ten per session.

These four minute workout videos, are all considered Tabata exercises.

Whereas HIIT workouts can be done for any length or time frame as long as you’re doing anything from 20 seconds up to four minutes at an all out, intense, pace. It is common for people to do HIIT workouts for 30-60 minutes at a time.

That is too much for me, so I stick to the tabata hiit fitness routines that are only 4 minutes (I’ll even do 7 minute workouts when I’m feeling strong)

How many times should I HIIT train each week?

Normally, the suggestion is to give your body a chance to recover from high intensity interval training workouts by taking one day off in between sessions. But with my two week YouTube video challenge, the exercises are going to vary each day, so hopefully working out slightly different parts of your body. I personally exercise every day without problems, but it’s important that you always do what is best for YOUR BODY.

How long should I do HIIT for weight loss?

I am not an expert, but I have found that if I can commit to 2 weeks, then by the end of those 2 weeks of working out, I can feel the muscles and the change in my body.

It might take a few months for others to see any changes in the weight though. So just be patient and everyone will eventually notice the change!

How does High intensity interval training help you lose weight?

HIIT helps you lose weight by burning more calories than just living your life at a regular pace. Combine your HIIT workout with healthy eating, and the pounds will start to come off in no time!

high intensity interval training is a type of workout that alternates between high intensity and low intensity.

– HIIT workouts help you lose weight by burning a lot more calories than regular running, or even brisk walking. You’ll also notice an improvement in your cardiovascular endurance during these sessions!

this works by alternating between high-intensity intervals and low intensity periods.

– For a 4 minute HIIT workout, you’ll typically go as hard as possible for 20 to 60 seconds (like sprinting), then take a small break for 10-30 seconds, before going to the next move. Usually after 4 moves, most trainers have you repeat it, going all out again.

You should know that during the “rest” period, your body is still burning calories!

Only 4 minute interval training a day

Here is how you can get a high intensity workout in only 4 minutes:

– If your goal is fat loss, do one cardio exercise for 30 seconds and then go into a strength training exercise or body weight move. Alternate back and forth until the 4 minute interval has elapsed.

– For example, you could alternate between jumping jacks (doing as many you can for 20 seconds), rest for 10 seconds, then do squats (also as many as you can for 20 seconds) rest for 10, then repeat until the 4 minutes are up.

Each video that I found has a slight variation of workouts, so that you will never be bored!

Is HIIT good for losing belly fat?

losing belly fat is a huge struggle for many people. H.I.I.T helps boost your metabolism and can really help you lose some weight.

HIIT is not a miracle cure for fat loss, but it does offer benefits to those who are looking for ways to get the most out of their workouts in as little time possible!

I have included a few YouTube videos that concentrate on the abs to help speed along goals for a flat belly.

How much weight can you lose in a week with Tabata HIIT?

Along with a good diet, you can lose about two pounds in a week with Tabata HIIT.

This is because the workouts are so intense, which burns more calories than if you only worked out once or twice a week.

Along with that intensity, your metabolism also speeds up during this period of time, to help combat those extra pounds you may have.

The most important aspect of Tabata HIIT, is that it gives you at least some workout every day. It can only help your body push through and burn calories more effectively, especially if you haven’t been working out at all.

How quickly can you lose weight with HIIT?

Losing weight isn’t really about exercise. Dieting is where you will really help your body burn fat in and efficient way.

Years ago, my sister and I both decided to lose weight. She went the exercise route, I went the diet route. I was way more successful. . . But When I finally added exercise, is when I knocked those last pounds of fat out of the park!!

So what exercise can do is, as you build muscles, the muscles automatically burn extra calories, making whatever diet you choose to do more effective.

And congratulations you have done a full two weeks of exercising with under an hour of your actual time.

After two weeks of HIIT for weight loss, how did you do? Have you seen the results in your energy levels and clothes fitting differently? Let’s see what changed!

What are you going to do next?

Maybe you’ll be inspired to go to a gym to upgrade to the next level? If so, check out my review of the amazing LifeTime Fitness Center hereLife Time Fitness Gym Review – Check it out!

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