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ReAct Eccentric Trainer Review and how to use it.

ReAct Eccentric Trainer Review and how to use it.

The React Eccentric Trainer gets it’s own blog post.

I was checking out Life-time Fitness, (and you can see my post about it here, ) When I came across the funnies/funnest machine.

The lady who worked there who was giving me the tour said that most people never touch this machine because they don’t understand it.

In fact, she had taken her 15 year old son with her one day, and he decided to get on it, and another faculty member came over and said “You are the first person we have ever seen get on this machine”

And it’s no wonder. It is so intimidating going to the gym and not knowing what you are doing. There are crazy fit people everywhere you look. Running, yogaing, lifting weights, and they all look very serious and capable.

Then A newbie comes in (myself) and i’m pushing buttons, switching machines, doing things all wrong, and trying my hardest not to think that people are judging me. Because really, they probably aren’t. They are all focused on looking good themselves so nobody judges them.

So I’m fine.

exercising on the eccentric trainer

Now enters this reACT machine (reACT is an acronym standing for Rapid Eccentric Anaerobic Core Exercise.)

Even the most experienced gym goer doesn’t recognize. No one is going to just hop on and hope for the best – meaning, not getting hurt, and not looking like an idiot.

Well, I tried it anyways and it makes me laugh just thinking about it. It was fun, I probably looked like I was doing it wrong. . . I know I was doing it wrong at least half the time. But it was awesome.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the reACT Eccentric Trainer. (You can get an introduction and training Video Here )

It’s a small platform that goes up around and down. You stand on it and hope to not fall off. A great way to start is to try to keep the top half of your body on level, while having to adjust your legs, aka squats, to keep it in place. Or, you can do as this kid did. and just ride it standing tall. I’m pretty sure it didn’t workout anything, but it was fun.

The idea behind the reACT Eccentric Trainer, is that it provides non-impact anaerobic exercise that helps build muscles in as little as 10 minutes a week.

I tried it for only 3 minutes, and after those 3 minutes, my legs were sore! it was crazy effective. So if you only have a few minutes, and your gym has one of these, get on it for 5-10 minutes, and you are done! You’re in, you’re out. and you got your workout in!

So if you see this machine at your next gym day. don’t be afraid to hop on and enjoy!

checking out the eccentric trainer for our gym workout

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