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The Chia Seed Weight Loss Challenge: Eating Chia Seeds For 2 Weeks And Their Results.

The Chia Seed Weight Loss Challenge: Eating Chia Seeds For 2 Weeks And Their Results.

What is the Chia Seed Challenge?

Well, i’m glad you asked. Here at tryitdietsisters, we like to challenge each other to make a healthy, or diet-related change for just 2 weeks, to see if it will make a difference in our lives.

Chia seeds are what has been categorized as a ‘super food’. Claiming the benefits of:



omega 3s


plus a healthy amount of vitamins.

If chia seeds are really so great, then we would see a difference somewhere in our lives if we ate it every day for 2 weeks.

Well, guess what. We Did!!

How to use chia seeds for weight loss:

We ate at least a 1/2 Cup of (hydrated) Chia seeds a day. Either making it into puddings or adding it to juices for the 2 weeks.

We lost an average of 5 lbs each in 2 weeks. (adding it to our low sugar, low carb diet).

Energy went way up.

For me personally this was a game changer. Eating low carb is pretty much the only way that I have found that works for my body with losing weight. But my energy is not the greatest with low carb.

But with Chia seeds, all of those things that I had been putting off because I didn’t feel like it, all of a sudden started getting done. Not because I pushed myself to do it, but because I felt like doing them! I wish I could impress on your mind how big a deal this really is.

It was as if my whole body was cheering and partying because I was finally giving it something it loved.

After the initial two weeks, I took a 4 day break of not eating chia seeds.

And it was the worst! I went right back into my energy slump, taking big naps and feeling very demotivated about doing anything. Then on the 4th day, I had only a few bites of the lemon chia seed pudding (which I just can’t get to set for some reason) and by the next day I was up and accomplishing tasks by 7:30!

I can see now why the Aztecs found the Chia Seed so useful for energy.

(see chia seed history here)

Fiber Benefits

The high fiber worked like it should and I continued to be ‘regular’. Just a cautionary note though, eating dry chia seeds do weird things to your intestines, so stick with the chia-gel.

Omega 3s

Omega 3s are key when it comes to brain development (and loads of other things) And so it was a big deal to introduce this food to my children. And guess what?

My kids loved it! I had to make sure to have extra on hand because they were always taking bites of the chia seed pudding. Which means that they became healthier “so yay me” that is a mom win!

Losing weight was a big bonus for me too.

5 pounds in 2 weeks was a pretty big motivator to keep going.

Was it easy to eat chia seeds daily?

The hardest thing was making sure we remembered to prepare the chia seeds the day before! But I just made it part of my bedtime schedule, and it worked great for me.

If you want to take the chia seed 2 week challenge, I highly suggest you download this free printable that you can put on your fridge to help you remember to soak your chia seeds, and to keep track of the days.

How to eat chia seeds for weight loss printable:

a printable that reads chia seeds remember to soak overnight one fourth chia seeds to one cup of liquid

I found that it wasn’t hard to add chia seeds into my daily menu. It replaced lunch a few days, but mostly it just replaced snacking or treats.

The in-between-meals snacking that can catch a lot of us, was easily fixed with a few bites of the chia seed pudding whenever I wandered into my kitchen. And it traveled fairly well too. . . Well, my thinner pudding that didn’t set up traveled well. I just put it in a water bottle and drank it during my trips. And it kept me going.

As a group, we found that if we ate it for breakfast, we were all desperately hungry before lunch. Even me, who regularly practices Intermittent Fasting, and rarely feels hunger before 2:00 in the afternoon, was famished by 10:00 after a chia seed breakfast.

So we all agreed that chia seeds are best done as snacks and desserts, but not a full meal replacement.

Have I convinced you yet to have Chia seeds in your life? Click here to buy a bag now!


This is the basic, vanilla recipe that can be changed and added to with different flavors

We even made out own Peppermint chia pudding recipe!

Some tried it in juice with this recipe

You could always buy pre-made chia juice, its just a little more expensive

I adored this Pumpkin pie chia pudding.

And of course, you gotta try some chocolate pudding!

Chia seeds are easy to make. It just requires a little bit of fore-thought.

I liked the challenge because it forced me to make sure I had the chia seeds made and ready to go every day.

And now that it is over, I have fresh lemon curd chia seed pudding in the fridge for tomorrow. Yes, its the same recipe as before, and it is still not setting up right. I wonder if it is too acidic with the fresh lemons? The chia seeds are a little crunchier, but the flavor is fantastic, so I keep making it

I am happy about gaining the habit of chia seeds in my life, and will continue to eat them for sure!

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Soaking Chia seeds and eating it the next day really helped our diets. And check out our list of favorite ways to eat chia seeds!


Wednesday 13th of October 2021

I have had the same experience! Hubby bought me a back brace in a medium and apologized because the ends didn’t meet around me. After 2 weeks of adding chia pudding to my diet the brace fits perfectly!! I also make a refrigerator jam using 2 cups red raspberries, 3 tablespoons chia seeds, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and one tablespoon of maple syrup. I actually add this to my pudding lol! I have not experienced any negative effects either!

The Science Behind Omega 3's For Weight Loss - Try it Diet Sisters

Saturday 18th of September 2021

[…] The Chia Seed Weight Loss Challenge: Eating Chia Seeds For 2 Weeks And Their Results. […]


Friday 4th of June 2021

This is very informative. I am going to try out these recipes with True Elements Roasted Chia Seeds.

Laura Brown

Tuesday 23rd of February 2021

When you say 1/2 cup hydrated chia seeds, you mean after they have soaked in almond milk or water??


Wednesday 24th of February 2021

That's right! I make a batch big enough to last a few days, then eat about 1/2 a cup of the chia seeds that have been soaked at least once a day.

Kitten Hill

Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

How long will the juice last? Or do you make it per serving?


Thursday 4th of February 2021

I usually make it per serving, but it can last around 3 days in the fridge if you want to make a bigger batch. The chia seeds start tasting funky to me if it goes longer than 3 days.

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