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30 day Water and Walking Challenge

30 day Water and Walking Challenge

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30 day Water and Walking Challenge Group Review.

This is our second Try It Diet Challenge. Check out our first Challenge – Apple Cider Vinegar for weight-loss

 Summer was just starting and we stumbled upon the water and Walking challenge, and we thought “perfect! we want to get outside more, and needing to drink more during the hot months is a given.”

Plus with all of the vacations that happen during the summer, we wanted one flexible enough that we could do it wherever we were. . . But things didn’t quite turn out like we had hoped though.

Have you ever tried to herd cats? How about herding cats for 30 days? How about herding cats multiple times a day to make them drink water at the right times AND to go walking. . . which all the cats want to do at different times of the day?

What I’m saying is, the water and walking challenge for 8 adults, with 8 different lives, had too many variables for any one person to be consistent. Most, if not all, gave up before the 3rd week!

Sadly, even I wasn’t perfect.

We suggested to everyone at the beginning, to find a way to track the water and walking daily.

One lady had e an excellent water bottle that she raves about. . . But it sometimes gets stolen by her hubby, so wasn’t useful every day.

This is what she said about it:

I have used Nalgene bottles for years! And I love that they are nearly indestructible and that the lids are easily replaced. I get the wide mouth because they are easy to clean with the sip guard to make drinking easier with my smaller mouth. My husband kept stealing my water bottles for work… so I finally got a pink sparkly one… solved the problem!. . . most of the time. I have had this one for 3 years so far and it’s great!”

I tried this app called ‘30-day trials’. It was a dollar, and you have to put in the challenges manually. So I made a separate challenge for every 2 cups I drank.

It took a bit of imaginative thinking to get it to do what I wanted. And in the end it was sufficient, but nothing I am over the moon about.

As you can see, I did pretty good with getting at least 6 glasses a day. But 8 was really hard to do when I was on vacation (19-27).

Now for the Water and Walking group reviews.

No one really lost weight during this water and walking challenge, or at least I should say ‘because of it’..

But, and this was super interesting to me, I started getting calls about 2 weeks in from almost every single person individually. And they all said the same thing.

“This challenge is great and all, but I NEED MORE!”

It was utterly fascinating because many of us women drag our feet when it comes to diet and exercise. And for us to use the words WANT and NEED when it comes to dieting, was rather surprising.

For anyone who struggles, who has a love/hate relationship with dieting and exercising, the 30 day (or 2 weeks) water and walking challenge may just be what you need to change your whole desires, and make it just a love/love relationship!

what water and walking helped me with

This might be my “inner philosopher” coming out, but it made me wonder.

If, when our body, which has been deprived of many healthy things for quite a while, when it finally, surprisingly, gets certain needs met (like enough water). That the body becomes confident enough to start sending the signals to our mind and heart for the other ‘needs’ it has that we’ve been ignoring.

And maybe that is why everyone started wanting to do more healthy things. . . Because they had started on that journey with just some extra water a day.

Some asked me if it was ok for them to do a:

‘calorie deficit diet along with the challenge”, ‘go for it’

“Low Carb?” ‘absolutely!’

“Low-glycemic?” ‘yep,’

“Sugar-free?” “By all means,”

“Gym membership?” ‘For sure!’

“Swimming daily?” ‘Whatever floats your boat!’

So that was the biggest upside to the challenge.

Water part of the Challenge

Now for the biggest downside. The thing we all struggled with.

How not to pee our pants while doing the challenge.

This is no joke. We were drinking anywhere from 64 oz to a full Gallon a day. . . depending on our weight.

I had to go down by 2 cups just so I could survive!

But what was the most frustrating to everyone, was the need to stay near a bathroom. You could empty your bladder, and be completely fine, and then bam! 10 minutes later, a huge rush, and an urgent need.

The worst was going to the pool. I don’t know what it is about being surrounded by water, but i’d pee before leaving the house, when I got there, then I would get the “uh oh” feeling, and practically run to the restroom. its a good thing that there was already water dripping off of me *cough, cough*

This was the number one reason why no one did the 30 day challenge perfectly.

Because we have things to do, places to be. And when we couldn’t trust ourselves while we traveled, we would make a point to drink less.

This wasn’t us justifying ourselves, or making excuses for not giving it 100%. this was honest to goodness, life or death, necessity.

The last week and a half I traveled for a wedding 10 hours away from my home. I just couldn’t do that and guzzle down the amount of water that I was supposed to.

I did my best though.

Yes, I really did.

when we drink too much water

Walking part of the Challenge

Now for the walking. I think that this was where there was quite a bit of justification going on.

I purposefully went walking twice in the 30 days. Then, it was just life, and I counted it.

Walked in the store while shopping? I’ll count it!

Mowed the lawn? Check!

Took the kids to the pool? Check!

Cleaned the house? Well, No, but I walked around enough inside, right? Check!

I guess this is where the herding cats analogy comes in. We had been too vague about how much water each person should drink, because A, everyone weighed differently. and B, I knew I wasn’t going to stick to ‘half my body weight in oz’ and was just going to do ‘8 cups a day’, so why would I ask that of other people?  So our criteria for drinking was slightly vague.

But the walking criteria was even vaguer.

We had different health levels in the group. anywhere from a runner, all the way to bad hips. And I knew I couldn’t set a parameter that could jeopardize and injure some of these women, but I also didn’t want to make the parameters so easy that the runner wouldn’t even try.

But that’s pretty much what happened. We got an injury anyways, which threw the poor girl off of the self-induced diet that she was excited about, and even the water, because she had to be stationary, and couldn’t get to the kitchen.

And the runner wanted to do more, but without a clear promise, sometimes did a lot, and sometimes did nothing.

Also, I kind of felt that 30 days was too long, especially without seeing results to help boost your motivation. If I was to do another 30 day challenge. Frankly, it would have to be more challenging.

Oh well, you live, you learn.

But! I am excited for our next diet – the military diet! See if any of us actually lost the 10 lbs in 3 days that they claim!

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Thursday 27th of June 2019

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