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Turmeric Fat Buster: Weight Loss Results

Turmeric Fat Buster: Weight Loss Results

I took turmeric capsules for weight loss every day for 2 weeks. I lost 9 pounds.

OMG. I am so excited to write my story of the past two weeks!

Here at tryitdietsisters, we are willing to try almost anything to get our stubborn weight down to normal. We have tried so many things that claim to work, like Apple Cider Vinegar, but they sadly let us down.

As far as diets go, we have had the most success with the keto diet, or low carb diets. Funny how they work way better for us than low calorie diets. but anywhoo.

I started the diet at 174 pounds. I ended the diet at 165.

Why I needed to try more than the keto diet:

After having my baby in 2017, I was able to lose pretty much all my extra weight with the keto diet and excellent keto recipes (going from 190 to 140).

I then became pregnant in 2019-2020, and followed a sugar-free, grain-free diet that helped keep the pregnancy swelling down, and cut my weight gain from 80 pounds last baby, to only 50 pounds this baby (191 lbs).

I thought that I would walk out of the hospital 30 pounds lighter, with only 20 pounds to lose after that. Piece of cake, right?

But no. After giving birth to a 10 pounder (no gd, just big babies) I walked out of there having lost only 5 pounds. It doesn’t make any sense.

So at 186 pounds, I had to start all over dieting for weight loss.

After 6 months of eating mostly healthy and dairy free, my weight loss went down to 174.

I am back on keto/low carb, and it is just slow going while I bf my baby.

Also, it has been really hard to be strict keto lately.

I have to have at least 10 days in a row of not cheating before I can see results. But my husband is such a foodie, and it is one of his greatest joys to have me experience the really cool things he finds. So sticking to a ketogenic diet on the weekends is really hard.

So basically, I lose and gain the same 10 pounds over and over again. namely 172-182. I had been stuck in this ten pound range for 3 months.

But then enters turmeric supplements! (these are the exact kind of Turmeric I used)

I took between 1-3 capsules a day of the turmeric supplement, and I even cheated 4 out of the 14 days, and still ended with a weight loss of 9 pounds. Unbelievable!

Warning. I started out with 3 capsules of turmeric a day.

And for those first two nights I stayed up the entire night in the bathroom. Not fun. I went down to 1 a day for a few days, then worked myself up to 3 a day. No more bathroom issues after that. I think my body just needed to adjust a bit, and then it was good.

Jar of organic ground turmeric with turmeric capsules around the jar. with the words turmeric weight loss review and why it works in the heading and the website try it diet sisters dot com at the bottom of the picture

Why I think I Lost Weight With Turmeric.

Turmeric root (curcumin) has so many health benefits, that it’s almost impossible to name them all. But there is one study that shows how turmeric helps white fat cells turn into brown fat cells, and inhibits white fat cells from forming.

Note: This study also covers the benefits of Capsaicin, or Cayenne Pepper for weight loss. I’ve tried Cayenne Pepper, and it is my other gem that I found for my body. Check out why here. I still take it regularly and LOVE IT!

So the thing about the keto diet, is that it’s primary energy source is fat. fat from the foods you eat, and fat from the cells that store it in your body. But white fat cells are basically one big blob of a cell, so a little harder to convert to energy. Brown fat, on the other hand, are little tiny blobs all stuck together, which makes it easier to break apart into energy.

So I get excited about using turmeric curcumin to turn my incredibly stubborn white fat cells into small brown fat cells, and I have to say, that it seemed to work perfectly!

How combining turmeric for weight loss and the keto diet is a dynamite combination.

Keto trains your body to search for and use your stored fats as energy. And brown fat is not only easier to burn, it actually helps you burn over 100 extra calories a day.

So if turmeric changes your fat into easily burned calories, but you still don’t give your body the tools to burn the stored fat (like a diet or exercise plan). The turmeric won’t do much good. You’ll just have brown fat sitting in your body instead of white fat. Right?

But by combining turmeric and ketosis, you have the fat accessible (thanks curcumin) and a way to flush it out with the keto diet.

So together they make a good team!

How to start a keto diet

If you are not already on the keto diet, and would like to start. I have a few articles that may help.

You can start by reading my story of how I started the keto diet, and what got me through those first few weeks (hint, it’s keto cheesecake!)

And if you are looking for a simple, step by step, menu and shopping list for your first week, check out this post about 1 week keto ground beef recipes.

Health benefits of the keto turmeric golden milk recipe.

I love supplements, they are so easy to use and are always available. But having some natural turmeric recipes that are gluten free and keto friendly, are also excellent and delicious ways to get in the turmeric spice.

Try this Keto friendly Golden Turmeric Milk.

The ingredients are coconut milk, almond milk, turmeric spice, ginger, black pepper, and a few sweeteners. It’s a lovely drink to take in the morning.

As a bonus, this golden turmeric drink is full of antioxidants (antioxidants are beneficial because they can slow down cell damage).

Healing benefits of golden keto turmeric fat bombs.

I love fat bombs while on the keto diet. I can make a batch, and grab them whenever I feel hungry without any guilt!

And this keto turmeric fat bomb recipe is so full of all the healthy, good things you could want!

It contains all the best spices: turmeric, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon. . . and surrounded by almond slices. yum!

Why keto, turmeric and water make the strongest anti inflammatory team.

Now we need to add water to this. Adding the extra water will guarantee that everything gets flushed out of your system.

Making sure your body is in an anti inflammatory state can be difficult with everything that causes an inflammation response nowadays.

going gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and staying on a low carb diet, may help reduce the inflammation.

How adding even just minimal exercise skyrockets the results.

So now that my hardened white cells are converted to easily activated brown cells, and I am eating low carb so that my body can easily grab the brown cells for energy, the other big thing I found that bumped up my weight loss was exercise!

I know, nobody likes the word exercise.

But let me reassure you that I didn’t need much.

I needed to up my metabolic heat just a bit by going on a simple walk. Even just the days I went to the store made me lose more weight than just staying inside. I had one time where I was on my feet all day. I had gone on a field trip with my kids to a massive orchard to pick apples. It was exhausting, but I was down 4 pounds the next day.

So try adding a simple walk around the neighborhood, or maybe 50 squats while you brush your teeth, to maximize the benefits of turmeric for weight loss.

I also used an electric vibrations fascial massager, which I’m testing out right now to see if it helps with muscle strength and fat loss. I noticed that when I used it on my muscles while taking the turmeric, I lost a little more each day compared to just turmeric. Here is what I use: Electric Fascial Massager.

One last idea. Being Cold.

During my research, I found that brown fat is activated best in the cold. So going on walks on a winter day, taking cold showers for a few minutes each day, etc,. helps burn the brown fat quickly.

My next experiment is going to be taking cayenne pepper, turmeric, and for 30 minutes each day, putting an ice pack on my stomach. I’m hoping it will help melt away my stomach fat and tighten my skin. I’ll post more about it after the experiment

Why I think turmeric for weight loss worked even on cheat days.

The other benefit of turmeric that interested me, was it’s anti-inflammatory components.

One of the big benefits of the keto diet, is that it tends to have an anti inflammatory affect on those who are trying the diet. Since the most common inflammatory food groups are taken away while eating the ketogenic diet (like sugar and grains) it makes sense you’d experience less swelling in your body.

Most people have a huge drop in weight after only a few days on the keto diet, because it is their chronic inflammation that has finally gone down.

So what happens to me when I cheat, is that I immediately gain a few inflammatory pounds as my body reacts to the sugar and grains that I ate.

So since I was also adding turmeric during my cheat days, it seems to have been able to lessen the inflammatory affects pretty well. . .

Not perfectly though, I still gained a pound each time, but that is a far cry from 4-6 pounds that normally happens.

I don’t know if different turmeric brands would work as well. During my research, I found out that turmeric is like a billion times* more effective if used with black pepper.

So I made sure the turmeric I bought had black pepper with the turmeric.

*rough estimate.

Because of the awesome benefits of turmeric it is now my new favorite food!

What about you? Have you tried the health benefits of turmeric for weight loss yet?

I just love the benefits of turmeric, and the more I know about how important it is for our health to have an anti inflammatory diet, the more turmeric I put into my daily meals to boost my health and wellness (and of course my antioxidant count).

After trying turmeric for a few days, make sure that you come back and tell me all about your experience!

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