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3 hacks for peeling hard-boiled eggs

3 hacks for peeling hard-boiled eggs

I did an egg fast a few times, and I made a lot of hard-boiled eggs!

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I looked at Youtube videos, and read blog posts about how to take the shells off the eggs easily, because I was slaughtering those poor eggs!

some tips kind of helped, some made them worse.

One tip was to cool your eggs completely overnight in the fridge before peeling. that was the worst decision!

I then put baking soda in the water while the eggs were boiling, and it helped a little, more eggs than not came out nicely from their shells. but it still wasn’t fool-proof.

But I now peel the eggshells off perfectly each. and. every. time.

I do 3 things.

First: Boil the eggs with salt

I boil the eggs with a generous amount of salt. . . but to be honest, if you skip the salt part, you will be just fine.

so, put eggs in a pot, cover with cold water,

how to cook hard boiled eggs

pour in salt. Bring water to boil. boil for 5 minutes. turn stove off, keep it on the stove for about 10-15 minutes.

how to make hard boiled eggs

Second: Peel when warm

Here is the key to happiness.

As soon as the water and eggs are cooled down enough that you can pick them up without burning your fingers, you peel them.

These eggs in the pictures were taken out at 10 minutes. I take them out one by one, if they are too hot to handle, I put them under cold water for a second or two.

how to make hard boiled eggs


It is actually the still warm, almost steamy feeling, to the eggs that helps the shells slide off. the cooler they are, the harder the shell peels.

Third: Peeling the film off with the shells

Crack the eggs by hitting the top then the bottom on a hard surface,

how to hard boil eggs

then rolling the egg to crack the middle.

how to cook hard boiled eggs


This tip is kind of hard to explain, but I’ll do my best.

There is a film in between the shell and the egg that has a textured, almost rubbery feeling to it.

Sometimes it sticks to the shell, sometimes to the egg.

When you take the first shell piece off, feel the egg white. if its slimy, continue pulling off big chunks. if its rough, pinch that area until the film comes off,

(do you see the wrinkle on the egg white? that’s the filmy stuff i’m talking about. it is really thin.)

hot to cook hard boiled eggs

then put your nail under the shell/film but above the egg white, and peel.

how to cook hard boiled eggs

The shell will come off in huge chunks, possibly even half the egg, and leave perfect oval eggs.

hot to cook hard boiled eggs

now just give the hard-boiled eggs a rinse to make sure all the shell is off. and you are done! enjoy!


4 perfectly peeled, hard-boiled eggs.

hot to cook hard boiled eggs


So for a quick recap:

Put Eggs in pot, cover with water. 

Boil eggs for 5 minutes. turn off stove, let them sit for 10 minutes.

while they are still warm, take them out one by one and peel them using the tips above.

And that’s it!

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