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Chlorophyll Review: Health And Weight Results

Chlorophyll Review: Health And Weight Results

I tried liquid Chlorophyll for 2 weeks. I lost weight, was more energized, healthier, and I could breathe easier.

What is Chlorophyll?

Liquid Chlorophyll is basically plant blood, which is why chlorophyll is green.

Our red blood cells have an iron center with oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon. Chlorophyll has the same structure, except that instead of an iron center, it has a magnesium center. (source)

Health Benefits of liquid chlorophyll

I have been struggling with gaining weight, losing my breath after going upstairs, and being really tired and light-headed. . . even to the point where I could barely go to the store without needing to just sit down on the floor in the aisle while waiting for the wooziness to pass.

To be fair, I am pregnant, and these things always seemed to go hand-in-hand with pregnancy symptoms, so I thought nothing of it.

But when I got my blood work results back, my doctor said that I was slightly enemic.

Now, I know what anemia is. I had a few emergency births that led to blood loss before, and knew that I had to build up my blood cells. But I was surprised because I hadn’t even had this baby yet!

What is Anemia?

Anemia is when you don’t have enough red blood cells, which restricts the amount of oxygen that can flow through our bodies. So light-headedness, fatigue dizziness, headaches, even irregular heartbeats are signs of anemia.

So wow! I had a lot of these symptoms, and didn’t even know what was behind it!

My doctor wanted to do a few more tests to see if it was low iron or something else, so in the mean time, I decided to do what I could to build up my blood.

So I called up my dad (doctor) and asked him what natural things I could do. One of the things he suggested was to start taking chlorophyll. No, it’s not iron, but it does help oxygenate the blood.

Why having oxygenated blood is important for your health (whether you are pregnant or not)

I ordered the brand Now online.

I loved it, I thought the minty taste was perfect. My sister ordered it too, and she hated it. She said it tasted like grass! So I don’t know what to say.

I tried another brand after I ran out, and it wasn’t as good, so brands do make a difference.

(p.s it was anemia, so I took iron along with the chlorophyll.)

Could Chlorophyll Replace Coffee Energy?

Now, I’m not a coffee drinker, but there have been plenty of times i’ve thought about that need for a ‘pick me up’ in the morning.

And now I think I finally know how that feels. Taking Chlorofyll wakes me up, energizes me, and gets me going for the day. And it is all natural, and way cheaper than coffee!

Just think about it, your body just gets a rush of oxygen through the blood stream. That would wake anybody up!

How can taking chlorophyll help with exercise?

You know how after you complete a really good workout, and you are sweaty, body is tired, breathing hard, but you feel strong and alert at the same time?

I don’t get that feeling a lot because I dislike intense exercise. But I got the same powerful, refreshed and alert feeling shortly after taking chlorophyll, just without the sweating!

Yet again, I guess that is what happens when your blood gets oxygenated.

Workouts require you to breathe more, and your blood gets pumping quite a bit, so your body gets oxygenated that way. . . but I just found an easier way of doing it!

Have you ever noticed that starting an exercise program is much harder than continuing a program?

It’s the beginning that always is the worst for me. I just don’t have the energy to workout! But funny enough, after a few days (or weeks) of consistently working out, I have the energy to exercise!

Could it be that our bodies get addicted to a well-oxygenated blood stream?

It only took 2 days of me taking the chlorophyll, for me to wake up, on my own, early one morning, so refreshed and ready to go, that I was daydreaming about exercise!



text reads drinking chlorophyll for weight loss with an image of a cup of green liquid chlorophyll

Chlorophyll for Weight Loss.

So here’s the thing. Again, I am pregnant. And the goal usually isn’t weight loss during pregnancy. But no matter what I do, I seem to gain a ridiculous amount of weight. And my last baby was 11+ pounds!

Because of this, I have been trying to be very strict about my diet. Not just for me, but for my baby.

I was completely sugar-free for the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, (which I still gained 25 pounds) and then Holidays came, and it has been a lot harder to keep it going, so after Thanksgiving, I weighed myself and I had gained 45 pounds total this pregnancy, with a little less than half way to go.

So back to sugar-free. Just hoping to slow down my weight gain.

well, after 2 weeks of taking chlorophyll, I had more energy to exercise every day, and with its sweet mint taste (my favorite) I didn’t get tempted by sugar. And I lost the thanksgiving bloat (9 pounds) and baby is thriving!

(update: I had my baby, a healthy, strong 10 pounder!)

Some Questions I’ve been asked:

How much chlorophyll do I take?

I started taking a teaspoonful in the morning with a cup of water, and a teaspoonful at night with water.

Where is chlorophyll stored?

Liquid chlorophyll is kept in the fridge. Which made it a nice, cool refreshment when I drank it.

And it only took one serving for me to notice a difference. I FELT so good!

What are the Side Effects of Chlorophyll?

Now, Chlorophyll is basically the blood of plants. . . which are filled with naturally green pigment. So my biggest complaint is becoming green!

After I take it, my tongue, and sometimes my teeth, are dyed green for a while. And you have to be careful, because if any of it spills, it could stain green VERY easily!

The other thing to be aware, is that it turns your poop green. REALLY GREEN! But it also helps a little with digestion and ‘regularity’, so that is nice.

The health benefits of chlorophyll have been a game changer for me, and I can’t go back. I’ll be drinking it as part of my daily life from here on out.

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