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3 Free Youtube Videos that healed my Diastasis Recti

3 Free Youtube Videos that healed my Diastasis Recti

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3 free youtube videos that healed my Diastasis Recti

So I had a baby!

And he was a big one.

over 11 pounds!!!

It was a C-Section, so I couldn’t move around a lot at first. but when I finally was able to take the Split Abs, or Diastasis Recti, test, the one where you do a small crunch and see how many fingers you can put in between your stomach muscles. . . well, I could put my whole freaking fist in between my muscles and not touch either side. That was really bad.

I read that crunches and sit ups would actually aggravate it, and that I should give it a little time and it would close off.  It did get down to a 4-finger width. but no more.

I read everything I could find about it. and there were programs that I could pay to find out how to heal it. But I wasn’t really interested in paying that much, and I still hoped I could fix it by myself without programs or surgery. (there was a lot of talk about surgery to fix it. I just went through surgery with my C-section, and thanks, but no thanks.)

3 free youtbue videos that helped heal my diastasis recti

Before I go on. Please Please Please understand that I am not a professional anything. That Diastasis Recti can be a serious enough thing that having a conversation with your Doctor about safe exercises would probably give you way more useful information than I possibly can.

I was super anxious to start a workout program again. So I took the ‘free advice’ that I found in other blogs, they talked about how there are ‘outside’ ab muscles, that you strengthen with a ‘pushing’ motion (think crunches) those moves are bad for your gap. And there are ‘inside’ abs that are strengthened with a ‘pulling’ motion (think belly button to spine) which are good for closing the gap. So I started working out with random fitness blender videos, and if ever I felt like I was ‘pushing’ with a move, i’d skip it or modify it.

Remember: with every exercise, use the ‘pull in to your spine’ action with your abs.

I don’t know if this is proven or not. but it seemed to me that oblique workouts and leg lifting workouts helped me the most.

The first thing you should watch is this video.

He isn’t teaching anyone about ‘closing the gap’ but he is teaching about working the ‘inside ab’ muscles with this breathing workout. So after i learned his technique, i’d workout with one and/or the other of the following videos, then I would spend about 3 minutes at the end of the routine with my hands on my knees doing the breathing technique.

My kids thought I was funny, but I kid you not, 3 weeks later my abs were less than the width of one finger. Pretty Ahmazing

I like these two videos. They use a lot of waist movements. The key is to keep your stomach sucked in while exercising. And really, you could do any video without making it worse. Just remember that if the move is ‘pushing’ your abs, don’t do it. There are some in-between moves, that are kind of a pushing movement, I found that if i focus and I can keep my abs sucked in specifically during those moves, it helped a lot. But if I couldn’t keep it sucked in, i’d skip the exercise.

But I cannot stress this enough, suck your gut in while doing it!!!

There is this ‘crunchless abs‘ routine:

I also started doing free kickboxing workouts for the obliques. Again, I was just careful that if the motion seemed to be ‘pushing’ not pulling my abs, I would just skip that exercise.

Do you have any other tips that can help with Diastasis Recti? Leave a comment to let us all know!

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