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How To Get Better Posture, And Why You Desperately Need It NOW

How To Get Better Posture, And Why You Desperately Need It NOW

Having Better Posture is Essential to a Healthy, Pain-Free Life!

My dad is a Chiropractor, so if there is one thing I heard from him over and over again growing up, it was “don’t slouch!”.

He knew what chronic bad posture does to people over the years, and he didn’t want to see his children go through all of those aches and pains later on in life.

Well, that was 20 years ago, and my posture has gotten worse!

And my guess is that yours has too.

Its become this silent epidemic because of smart phones and social media.

We spend a lot of time not only slouching like we did 20 years ago, but bending forwards in ways that we just didn’t before! and for HOURS A DAY!

I’ve always liked the idea of a back support, or back brace, that would force my shoulders in place, so I could have good posture without thinking about it. Like this one. Plus bonus, people with good posture look better!

But sadly, they didn’t really work for me. They were too uncomfortable, and squeezed my rib cage. Plus, as my dad pointed out, those don’t help build the right kind of muscles to keep your posture going even without the brace.

So, here I am, mid 30s, and my upper back is killing me at this moment!

Part of which is because I do most of my writing for this blog slouched over on a couch or bed with my laptop in my lap, and the other part is that i’m pregnant, which is throwing everything off balance.

So i need something NOW to fix this problem.

My dad taught me this one stretch, where you stand in a door frame, and put your arms on either side, and lean your body weight on them.

Which helps stretch some soreness out of these poor misused back and neck muscles!

But what I really needed was a strengthening exercise that can help me in the long term.

So I used my handy dandy friend google, and found this program that I could download and immediately start working on. and it’s only $30. which is less than a chiropractic visit! (sorry dad)

It’s called Better Posture. So you know they mean business!

Better Posture

Neutral Spine

I’m going to be mentioning ‘neutral spine’ in the rest of the post. I am talking about how our spine is naturally supposed to align with the rest of our body.

When we are in this natural alignment, we are not putting unneeded stress on any of our other body parts, like neck and shoulders, by going to far forwards, or on our lower back by going too far backwards (like we do in pregnancy).

text reads don\'t let a hunched back ruin your health. find out the best ways to heal bad posture once and for all. With a black and white image showing a woman with bad posture.

Why we need Better Posture

Less Headaches.

This is a big one for me. I don’t have frequent headaches, but I know that when I do, it’s because of stress. . . Specifically, it’s my jaw.

I have a mild form of TMJ, which I usually keep under control, but I find that I tighten my jaw constantly when I am stressed.

And it in turn, throws out my jaw, and shoots pain up my jawline and into my head.

Researching this, I found that bad posture, or a forward neck, also puts pressure on your jawline. And just relaxing your neck and shoulders back into their natural alignment and posture, can ease that stress!

Now imagine always having a relaxed, neutral, neck and shoulders. I would never have headaches again!

Better Digestion and Blood Flow

Healthy blood flow is essential for good digestion. When we compress our body in unnatural ways, it decreases our blood flow to all essential parts of our body.

Especially for me right now, I have noticed my heartburn is bad when I have been slouching shortly after a big meal!

Safer and more effective workouts.

Movement is really important for the overall health of our bodies.

And it just sucks, when we finally decide to exercise, and then get injured right away because we don’t know how to properly lunge, or squat, or use weights.

These injuries usually have to do with whether we are using proper posture or not. So again. Posture is VITAL to our well-being!

How to Strengthen our spine and permanently have proper posture.

First it has to be a habit. It has to be something we work on consistently every day. This Better Posture Program, guarantees improvement, but ONLY if you commit to doing the 12 minute exercises every day for 30 days.

This program will help specifically with Posture, but there are a few other things we need to be aware of, and try to strengthen to make sure our posture stays in place

Strong Bones

Osteoporosis, is very real, and as we get older, it can rear its ugly head. To keep our bones strong enough to keep us upright, we need to feed those bones. To do this, it is recommended that we Take a good Vitamin D and Calcium supplement. (vitamin D and Calcium)

Make sure your feet are solid

When our body is out of alignment, it can weaken our whole structure.

Going back to my Chiropractor dad, one of the things he checks with his patients that have chronically bad backs or neck pain, is their feet.

Having weak or collapsed arches in your feet, wreak havoc with your body, including your posture.

If you have collapsed arches, i’d suggest starting there and getting these arch supports called Super Feet.

My dad used to make custom arch supports for his patients, but when he found this company, he realized they worked just as well, and for slightly less money than he could make them. So he just refers his patients now to buy the Super Feet online.

Strengthening our Lower Back too.

Having a weak lower back can also make us want to compensate by pulling our neck forward. Try out this Pelvic Clock to strengthen muscles you didn’t even know you had!

Pelvic Clock® exercise device is a stretching aid for hip and lower back pain relief.

These are the things I am working on to fix my posture and bring myself some neck and back relief!

Brenda Provow

Thursday 14th of November 2019

My posture problem stems from my feet. I have a foot drop due to a couple of shattered discs. Walking on my feet wrong has cause scoliosis and all kinds of trouble. I also have a genetic defect that tires my muscles and causes my back to twist for periods of time of which I have to concentrate to straighten out later. Those two thing have led to a hiatal hernia, and rotator cuff tears. It has also caused my knee to have a tear in it. Posture is so very important!!! Posture is from having all body parts in alignment.

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