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Chrickette’s Military Diet Review

Chrickette’s Military Diet Review

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Chrickette’s Military Diet Review:

Starting Weight: 247 Lbs.

Ending Weight: 243 Lbs.

Day 1

Grapefruit, and it was nasty!

Apple-Cider Vinegar Tea and Toast.


Chicken and Toast


2 slices of Chicken with Green Beans, and an Apple, Banana, and Ice-Cream

The first day started ok. I was busy for most of the day. But sometime during the middle of it I started getting this huge headache, and so by the end of the day I just wanted to go to sleep because i knew that as soon as i woke up, I could eat some food. It sucked.

Day 2

Egg, Toast, ½ Banana


Cottage Cheese, Hard-Boiled Egg, Saltine Crackers.

So for lunch I think, “Hey, I hate eggs, I hate cottage cheese, what if I mix them together and eat them both at the same time to get it done faster.”

But what I actually did was just make the cottage cheese taste like cottage cheese and eggs and it was soo soo soo gross. Anyways, I couldn’t finish it. So I had crackers and cheese instead.

I just gave up on the egg. It was gross.


4 Hot Dogs, Green Beans and Broccoli with Vanilla Ice-Cream.

The second day I still had the headache, I started taking some Zing in the mornings and that helped with my headaches a lot.

The hunger was pretty bad. Like, it was bad. I would not have minded this a year ago when I did not feel hunger, but I mind now.

But strangely enough, I also felt strong. I was weak, and the pain in my stomach was so horrible, but at the same time I wasn’t shakey because I needed food. I could just do stuff. It’s not like I was bed-ridden because of the hunger. And the feeling of accomplishing hard things made me feel strong.

I also did not exercise during those 3 days. My body couldn’t have handled it.

After the first day, I got up to go on a walk and I was like “nope, can’t do it”

So that was it.

Day 3

Apple with Cheese and Crackers


Egg and Toast



I didn’t have a problem saying no to food.

When people were like “Hey, here’s some food”

I’d be like “no, it’s 3 days”

Anybody can do anything for 3 days. As long as they are near their food.

The only reason I failed the potato night was because I wasn’t around my food.

 I had eaten breakfast, lunch, but was gone during dinner. I was at my friend’s house at 9:00 at night and I was freakin’ out and shaking and they gave me some food. So I had a handful of mashed potatoes, probably not the real kind.. But it was fine.

Then after the 3 days were up, we were supposed to maintain a healthy diet for the rest of the week to lock-in our weight-loss,but i didn’t even try to do things healthier.

So here’s the thing, when you do something like this for 3 days, and although technically you aren’t starving yourself, but you kinda make yourself feel that way, like “I have an apple, crackers and cheese” it seems too tiny.

So after that there was no way I was going to go out of my way to eat healthy again. I didn’t eat out. . . which is our version of healthy.

So to sum it all up. yes I lost weight on the Military Diet, but I was pretty miserable, so I wouldn’t go around recommending it to others.

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Thursday 8th of November 2018

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