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OneTwoFit 48” Silent Mini Trampoline Review

OneTwoFit 48” Silent Mini Trampoline Review

I LOVE my not-so-mini trampoline!

My husband and I have had mini-trampolines ever since 1981. My mother-in-law was a huge advocate for rebounding and that energy was passed onto my husband.

I use the mini trampoline to strengthen my heart and to activate my lymph system. But there are also a ton of other benefits (check out the list of rebounding benefits here)

When our oldest was walking, she would get on our mini trampoline and gently bounce – not jump. Then one day, another little girl who was the same age, visited and jumped for real – as high and as quickly as her little legs could go. My daughter was fascinated, and started jumping for real after that.

Off and on over the years, we had one of these mini-tramps in our home. They were basically identical no matter which company made and marketed them. Round, small, with metal springs ending in metal hooks. They worked just fine for jumping.

There were a few things that always worried me – with my own nine children and with my many, many grandchildren – the springs and the hooks, and the small surface – even when there was a tramp covering.

So when our latest mini-tramp gave out because the springs started going out and it felt more and more dangerous for those grandbabies, I started looking for a replacement. I wanted two things: a larger jumping area and silent, if possible – I never considered that there was an option where the scary springs were concerned.

I studied, trying to decide on several “identical minis” when I stumbled onto something very different!

One Two Fit 48” Silent Mini Trampoline.

What? Wow! It had a larger jumping base, it was silent, and it DIDN’T HAVE SPRINGS! I kept going back and looking at it on Amazon for weeks before taking the plunge to buy it. Why? Because it was so much more expensive than what I could get a mini-tramp from other stores.

close up of a mini fitness trampoline with the words best mini trampoline it has no springs which make it quiet and safe to use

I couldn’t resist. In the end, I spent the extra money and I am so happy that I did!

Instead of springs, it uses super high-quality bungy cords! These cords make the trampoline silent – zero squeaking! That means that this old lady can watch television while jumping. It means that my grandchildren can play on it and I’ll just hear their delighted squeals and not incessant metal on metal noise. 

The jumping area is much bigger than the mini-tramps we’ve had in the past. That means that it is safe for our little grandbabies to crawl on, and the older grandchildren to jump on together. Okay, so I KNOW the concept of one person on the tramp at a time – but the reality is that the grandchildren find ways around that rule so the extra jumping area is worth it.

Let’s go back to those wonderful bungy cords: zero pinched fingers, zero scratched and cuts from metal hooks, zero worry about any sort of spring or hook accidents. Zero. So…so…so…NICE! 

a mini exercise trampoline with title best mini trampoline for seniors

I am in my 60’s and I still bounce without my feet leaving the tramp mat. (rebounding is great for seniors) My husband and my children jump the “right way” and the spring on the tramp is excellent. There is enough spring that my adult son could hit the ceiling!

The One Two Fit 48” is a hexagon instead of round and that gives more space.

There are other, similar tramps on the market, but looking at them closely, they are not made as well: OneTwoFit has an 8MM elastic rope instead of 6MM, it has a 48” diameter instead of 41″, and it has double-layered webbing seams instead of single for greater reinforcement and load bearing – in fact, the load bearing is 330 pounds!

There is one thing about it that you should know – it takes TWO PEOPLE to put it together. Okay, so one person can do it but WHY?! It is HARD to get those bungy cords into place. All I did was hold the tramp frame while my husband put the cords where they were supposed to go (easy for me) and he had sore hands and sore shoulders for a couple of days after. A tool comes with the kit to make it even possible to put the cords in place and if you hold the tool wrong, the cords keep popping out of the tool. It took us a few tries before we turned the tool the other direction and then things went smoothly. HOWEVER – as hard as it was to put together, that is exactly part of the excellent quality of the tramp and once done, no more worries about the bungy cords.

One Negative.

It comes with an Adjustable Handle which is a huge plus for an old person like me. I can hold onto the handle while jumping which increases my confidence. But while it is adjustable, the screw used breaks down (strips) quickly. I still use the handle if I need a little steadying, but the quality of that screw is terrible. I wish it was somehow different. This is NOT a deal-breaker. Just don’t put too much Plus-Point in having that handle.

Also, I have my tramp in my living room – exactly where I want it. And the black non-skid rubber leg-pads was starting to show up on my carpet, so I put a small piece of cardboard under the pads. I don’t have any trouble with slipping (this trampoline is HEAVY) but if it was on a hard floor, I think the rubber pads would be a nice plus.

That’s it. I love my trampoline! My grandchildren love my trampoline! It is was one of my favorite exercise purchases ever!

Check out my other favorite exercise machine for seniors! My Gazelle!

close up of a mini trampoline logo one two fit. with the title why I chose one two fit

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