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Fat Bombs On Keto: Yes Or No?

Fat Bombs On Keto: Yes Or No?

New to keto and are BOMBarded by FAT BOMB recipes? Let me share with you what I’ve learned about fat bombs, and whether you actually need them in order to be successful on keto.

As you know, keto isn’t just about cutting carbs, it is about having a specific percentage of food everyday that follows the three macronutrients: Carbs, Protein, and Fats.

The ketogenic diet focuses on fats as the main source of energy, and wants the percentages ideally to be about 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carbs (these numbers vary slightly by which keto expert you ask).

Healthy fats are not something you should be afraid of. They are actually essential to a healthy body! (hence the phrase ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS). Healthy fats burn calories cleaner than carbs, and many people feel happier and more energized while eating keto than eating carbs.

Ketogenesis is just the act of burning fats for energy inside our bodies.

But how hard is it to eat THAT MUCH FAT each day?!

This is where the idea of fat bombs came about. Eating low carb meals with protein, might not add up to the fat that you need to keep the percentages right. So many people started making a food that is just fats that you can eat quickly. Usually they have to stay cold to keep the fats solid, and then they melt quickly in your mouth, like a bomb. Get it?


Are Keto fat bombs necessary?

When I started keto, I had a rough time transitioning to ketosis. Despite what experts say, it took me 13 days to fully get into ketosis. During that time, my body felt weak and sad and hungry because it wanted carbs for energy!

I was told to try some fat bombs, and they were the difference between success and failure with sticking to keto through those first two weeks.

I made these chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough fat bombs, and would pop one in my mouth every time I needed a pick-me up, (almost every hour sometimes). And I would feel instantly better.

So yes, by all means, grab some fat bombs to help you make the transition! I actually lived off of these slim fast ones when I had to travel, if you don’t fancy making some yourself.

Do I make fat bombs now?

No. I don’t. And here’s why.

After being low carb and keto for 5 years, my body is very used to switching between fat and carb burning modes, and doesn’t freak out in the least bit during transitions.

We, as a keto community, have also learned a lot more about what makes us feel sick with the keto flu. Before, the only thing they said was to eat more fats (like in fat bombs). Now we’ve come to learn that we don’t hold onto electrolytes as well during ketosis, so that MUST be supplemented daily.

So when I feel tired or sick, I grab salt, magnesium, calcium, and/or potassium, and my body perks right up. I don’t need the fat bombs anymore.

The idea behind keto and eating a lot of fats, especially in the beginning, is to convince your body that this WILL BE the main source of energy from now on, and not to be afraid to use it. Once that is established, the body finds that we have already stored almost limitless amounts of fat on our body, and it can dip into our fat reserves whenever it wants, and you don’t actually have to feed it copious amounts of fat each day.

So I have found that after the initial few weeks of keto, I can drop making fat bombs altogether.

Here is more information about fat bombs and how they can help you.

What Are Fat Bombs?

When you begin looking up different keto recipes, you will often come across something
called a fat bomb. This is nothing more than a small treat-like snack that gives you a
nice boost of fat. While it is often meant just to give you an easy way to eat healthy fats
so you are reaching the 70-75% minimum of fat each day, they also provide other
benefits. Fat bombs range in flavors, but often provide a nice sweet treat for you to
enjoy while on keto.

The Purpose of Fat Bombs

As you know, the main purpose of fat bombs is to increase your fat. There are many
days when as much as you try, you just can’t get your fat percentage up high enough.
This often occurs when you have a lighter food day where you’re too busy to eat much
more than a salad, you eat leaner protein like fish or chicken, or when you aren’t doing
much cooking. During these days, you can enjoy a fat bomb that should already be
stored in your refrigerator or freezer and ready to go.

Popular Ingredients For Fat Bombs

Most fat bombs will use a fat that is solid, like coconut oil, cream cheese, or even almond or peanut butter. Then they add a sweetener, and some flavoring, mix it into a ball, and keep it cold till you need it.

They can taste a lot like candy or cookie dough.

Here is my chocolate chip cookie dough recipe again

Here is a lemon one I tried

Here is a savory bacon one

and here are a few you can just buy at the store.

Lemon Slimfast Fat Bomb

Keto Clusters (I actually lived off of these during morning sickness)

close up of a cream cheese, snickerdoodle fat bomb

Let me know of your favorite recipes below are for keto fat boms!!

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