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Bright Line Eating Review

Bright Line Eating Review

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Have you heard of Bright Line Eating? It has helped me lose over 30 pounds when no other diet has worked.

Here at Try It Diet Sisters, we really do find and try different diets and give honest reviews. Whether it works or not.

My wonderful mother-in-law tried the keto diet last year, hoping to lose weight for her daughter’s wedding. She lost almost nothing, and sometimes didn’t feel great, which is common for keto. (her keto story here)

She heard about Bright Line Eating, and decided to try it. And her results have been amazing! She loves it, she loves how she feels when she follows the diet, and she loves how simple it is to follow. So I asked her to write her Bright Line Eating Review, and let me share it.

What is Bright Line Eating?

To really understand what Bright Line Eating is about, and how to properly implement it, you should buy the book. It’s not expensive, and worth every penny. Buy It Here

There are 4 Bright Lines that you never cross:

  1. No Sugars
  2. No Grains
  3. No Snacks (only eat 3 meals)
  4. Counting Quantity.

As you follow these four rules, and apply the other simple steps and ideas outlined in the book, you’ll find principles that you’ll be able to follow for a life time of healthy living.

Gina’s Review of Bright Line Eating

How Long did the diet last?: From March 30, 2020 to the present (October 2020). I plan on continuing the diet.

Did you exercise while dieting? Not the first 4 months.  In August I started a stretch/strength exercise program and I walk and swim.

How healthy did you feel doing the diet?   As I went off sugar I had a headache and had flu-like symptoms.  Otherwise I have felt healthy and full and satisfied with a lot of energy.  I was excited about life and actually losing weight with a diet!  I can do hard things (like not eating sugar and flour) when I see the results are weight loss and body and brain health. I’m determined to eat this way or a maintenance form of BLE (after goal weight) all of my life.

Did you eat out? I was entirely strict and true to the BLE diet and bright lines (no sugar, no flour, eating 3 times/day – no snacking, weighing/measuring meal ingredients) until I traveled to visit family in SC and Europe.  When I returned from these vacations I got right back on the diet.  I took off certain days since (a special occasion and a birthday), I am planning on taking off Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I make wonderful meals that are delicious and I love!  I even satisfy my sweet tooth with yummy desserts!

Is it more expensive eating this way? A little more expensive to eat better, (more vegetables) but well worth it!  The diet itself was no expense at all, my daughter gave me the book and the online support is free, as is the cookbook.

Did you have to buy specialty foods? No

Did you feel like you were eating bland, or disgusting food just to keep the diet? No

How did your family life affect the diet? Sometimes we make separate meals, but my diet is a great example to my husband and son who have both improved their diet because of BLE.

Planning?: It is not difficult to make meals, it takes more time sometimes, and after a while, I am used to fixing meals this way and it is automatic. I know the meals I love and so my diet becomes simpler unless I desire to try something new. 

I lost over 30 pounds. And am excited about continuing on this way of eating.

There are so many Bright Line eaters online that share their recipes and success stories.  This is such a help to me.  I have seen more people lose 100 lbs or more on BLE than on any other diet. Buy the book Here.

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